Centres of Excellence

Another important segment of Daanish Schools and Centres of Excellence Authority is the establishment of Centres of Excellence Schools which caters for all segments of society. In this formation of schools, a functional High or Higher Secondary School (Boys or Girls) is notified and transferred by SED to the Authority for establishment as Centres of Excellence with all students, existing premises and other liabilities. The existing School is established as Centres of Excellence i.e. by provided with purpose built most modern new building and infrastructure, new furniture, establishing of Science and IT Labs, hiring of qualified academic staff and Principal. The Schools are run on the same parameters as the Daanish. At present, 11 Centres of Excellence (5 Girls & 6 Boys) are operational. The total student strength is 17,527 with an average student strength of 1500 per school.  Total strength of academic staff is 544 and non-academic staff is 366. All COEs are registered with their respective Boards BISEs. The approved fee structure for every student is Rs. 20 per month. 

Facilities Provided

  • Custom made buildings with most modern infrastructure  Quality Education
  • Quality Education
  • 40 – 45  Students per Section
  • Teacher section ratio (1.5:1)
  •  1 Toilet for 40 students
  • IT Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Library
  • Sports grounds and other co-curricular activities
List of Schools
Sr.  School  District  Operational  Capacity  Area / K Existing Students
1 COE Govt. Boys Pilot Secondary School  Sialkot  (2015) 1200 43 1206
2 COE Govt. Girls Lady Anderson High School Sialkot   (2015) 1300 34 1286
3 COE Govt. Boys High School Muzaffargarh  (2015) 1300 30 1286
4 COE Govt. Girls Normal High School Muzaffargarh (2015) 2100 31 2073
5 COE Govt. Boys High School No. 1 D. G Khan   (2015) 2100 99 2017
6 COE Govt. Girls Central Model High School D. G Khan  (2015) 1400 54 1362
7 COE Govt. Boys High School  Rajanpur   (2015) 1300 15 1581
8 COE Govt. Girls High School Rajanpur   (2015) 1200 32 1195
9 COE Govt. Boys High School, Jaranwala Faisalabad  (2015) 3000 99 3007
10 COE Govt. Girls High School No. 1 Hafizabad   (2015) 1300 9 1346
11 COE Govt. Guru Nanak Boys High School Nankana Sab (2019) 1000 160 356
12 COE Govt. Boys High School No. 1, Peer Mahal Toba Tek Singh (U C) 2400 120  
13 COE Govt. M.C. Boys High School, Tandlianwala Faisalabad (U C) 2100 22  

Governing Body

All schools are managed under the guidelines provided by the Authority by respective Governing Bodies. All Governing Bodies are notified and fully functional.

DC Convener
Principal Secretary 
5 members  Notables and educational experts
  • Administer day to day affairs of the School.
  • Recommendation for appointment of teaching staff and non- teaching staff.
  • Monitor Accounts and Finance.
  • Receive charities and donations.